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Helping Small Businesses To Achieve Success

What Do We Do?



Develop your strategy and direction

Spend time working on the business, not just in the business

We help you to develop that stragegy and take your company in the direction you want it to go


Sales and Marketing

Key to any business is the sales and marketing activity, and yet its often the most ad hoc area – with little consistency or process. 

Develop your sales and marketing activity to deliver a steady stream of new leads to you buisnesss


Coaching and Mentoring

Running a business is demandimg, with very few places to turn to for advice. We provide that advice and help you to overcome any issues on the path to success.

How Can We Help You?

What our customers say about us!

We have now submitted many proposals which comply with most of what you taught us and two which are totally compliant with your approach.

Those are the ones of which we are most proud and which are most likely to lead to profitable contracts because we have made the effort to understand the requirements, and articulated our response in terms which precisely match the customers needs.

The wow factor which you taught is to use less to communicate more. Cut the waffle, answer the questions, address the key issues, present all materials in an easily legible style and use pictures, charts and diagrams to convey messages which would otherwise be lost in an ocean of words.

Thank you for a fantastic workshop. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to know how to write proposal that win and sell more for his company.

Adrian Harding

New Business Development, Horstman Defence Systems Limited

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