About Us

AJMP is run by Alistair Powell

Transform Your Sales!a32

Learn how to sell more, and with less pressure:

  • Follow a sales process
  • Build stronger business relationships
  • Grow your business
  • Earn what you are worth!
  • Close more deals
  • Close nearly every proposal you write
  • Overcome the fear of selling – learn how to handle rejection!

 Over the last nine years I have taught many hundreds of people how to sell.

Before I started my sales training business, I worked for engineering/manufacture and software companies – selling and running sales teams. I am trained as an engineer, and started life in this area – but one day I was told, you are now in sales! I had no training in sales, it was in at the deep end.¬† I have faced the challenge of having to sell my company products – with little or no useful training at the time. I’ve learnt the hard way, what not to do, and what does not work! So, I want you the learn without making the mistakes which I did!

Try my online course as a start point:


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Good luck, and happy selling!!